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NEURS Affiliate Program Has 100,000+ Active Affiliates And 4 Million Page Views In First 30 Days

The first 30 days of online activity for the NEURS affiliate program has provided tremendous growth for the Miami, Florida based tech start-up. In the first 30 days of the initial beta launch (January 26 - February 26, 2014), NEURS has received:

  • 4+ million page views
  • 1+ million invitations sent
  • Over 675,000 unique visitors
  • Hundreds of thousands accepted NEURS invitations
  • Over 100,000 active users who have checked in at least once in the last 7-10 days

“The growth we have seen in our NEURS affiliate program has been amazing. Within our affiliate network, we have seen affiliates from more than 165 countries around the world enroll into NEURS.” Said Robert Hawthorne, who is an Independent NEURS Affiliate. “  This just goes to show that NEURS and the affiliate program has really struck a chord in the global entrepreneur and provider community.”

Neurs is a business start-up consulting firm that connects and empowers entrepreneurs around the world. Online services will include connections and capital resources that entrepreneurs need to find, build, and profit from their ventures. In addition to the services, NEURS will soon offer training through “NEURS University” to help train and educate entrepreneurs. 20 of 50 online courses will be made available at the official launch of NEURS in March/April, 2014.

For entrepreneurs, NEURS provides connections to a local, national, and global pool of providers as well resources to help get their start-up idea off of the ground.

For those seeking a business opportunity, NEURS provides an online “business opportunity match-making service” that will connect those looking for a business opportunity to viable local, national, or even International business opportunities. These opportunities will range from work-at-home businesses, direct sales or network marketing, all the way to multi-million dollar franchises. Those searching for an opportunity will have the ability to directly connect with those offering a business opportunity that they may be interested in learning more about.

Until now, no such global business opportunity database has existed for those seeking an opportunity.

For providers, who are those who provide either a business opportunity (direct sales, franchise, information product creators, etc.) or a service to entrepreneurs (Attorney, CPA, designer, programmer, writer, author, consultant, etc.) NEURS will provide a new method for generating business.

Providers who choose to be listed in NEURS will have their company and information shown to entrepreneurs who who are seeking their services. Additionally, entrepreneurs will be able to easily connect to the local, national, or International providers of services or a business opportunity via the NEURS back office.

Additionally, Franchisors, individuals, or businesses who provide a business opportunity will also have access to an online webinar system to educate people about their business opportunity to further enhance their lead generation.

NEURS also provides a multi-tiered affiliate program. Affiliates will earn both upfront as well as monthly residual commissions by referring customers to either the entrepreneur account or provider account. (Both account levels start at $99 per month.) Additionally, affiliates can also refer other affiliates to generate a monthly residual income stream from the customers they refer. It won't be long before the NEURS reviews and success stories on both the affiliate program and accounts begin to emerge.

To enroll into the NEURS Affiliate program, visit: is an Independent Affiliate of NEURS.




Tech Start-Up NEURS Launches New Website For Affiliate Program


Neurs is a business start-up consulting firm that provides both new and veteran entrepreneurs with startup advisory services, business connections, entrepreneurship educational training, and access to the financial resources entrepreneurs typically need.

With tens of thousands of enrollments globally within the first few days of the initial beta launch, tech start-up Neurs launched a new website for affiliates this week. An example can be seen on:

Neurs is slated to revolutionize a fragmented business world by empowering entrepreneurs worldwide with the connections they need for entrepreneurial growth, both in the early stages of company development, as well as the latter expansion stages as well.

When Neurs launches in the spring of 2014, the company will provide entrepreneurs with the ability to get connected with local, national, or global business opportunities, get assistance from Neurs network providers (i.e. franchisors, CPAs, attorneys, business plan writers, designers, programmers, business consultants, business coaches, etc.), and gain access to exclusive business training.

Neurs will additionally go further than just providing custom tailored business opportunities for its members. Neurs will provide a solid income opportunity providing entrepreneurs involved in the affiliate program an opportunity to earn both upfront and ongoing monthly residual commissions thanks to their multi-tiered affiliate program.

Independent Neurs affiliate, Robert Hawthorne says, “Since the launch of the new  website this week, I have seen incredible growth within my Neurs affiliate network. I have seen thousands of affiliates across 116 different countries enroll into the Neurs affiliate program. This amazing fast-paced growth shows the both the excitement and need for the services that Neurs will soon be offering to entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world.”

Neurs is an exclusive entrepreneur network only accessible via associated affiliates. Official global launch is planned for Q1/Q2 2014. For more information, to view a three-minute video about Neurs, or to enroll into the Neurs affiliate program, go to:


Over 90,000 Entrepreneurs Globally Receive Private Invites For Neurs Affiliate Program In First 24 Hours

Entrepreneurs and Affiliate Marketers in over 142 countries around the world enroll into the global affiliate program for Neurs. Neurs is a business start-up consulting firm that connects and empowers entrepreneurs worldwide that will provide training, connections, and capital resources that entrepreneurs need to find, build, and profit from their ventures.

The first day of online activity for, January 25th, 2014, marked a milestone of achievement for the company as more than 90,000 people from over 100 counties learn about the free affiliate program from members within 24 hours of launching. As of February 7, 2014, there are now affiliates in over 142 countries.

“The website that Neurs is launching in the first half of 2014 will be the number one destination for entrepreneurs globally,” said Robert Hawthorne, No. 1 best-selling author and Neurs affiliate. “It will solve many problems that many entrepreneurs, and those who offer services or opportunities to entrepreneurs, face today."

Neurs is a business start-up consulting firm that connects and empowers entrepreneurs worldwide. It supplies the training, connections, and capital resources that entrepreneurs need to find, build, and profit from their ventures. This past week marked the beta launch of the private, by invitation-only debut of, the premier online entrepreneur based network from Neurs, LLC.

Unlike sites such as Facebook that connect friends with friends, and LinkedIn, which connects professionals and employers seeking talent, Neurs is the premier online meeting point for entrepreneurs and business professionals. It allows users to connect with one another using a new business “matchmaking” service. The service will also feature business opportunities available locally and globally, which entrepreneurs would not have known about previously. will quickly become a global hub for entrepreneurs, from franchises looking to connect with entrepreneurs, to those involved in the direct selling industry and who offer entrepreneur services, such as attorneys and CPA’s.

Neurs is expected to officially launch during the first or second quarter of 2014, and will coincide with the launch of the book “Start Now,” written by Dr. Dennis Cauvier and Frank Codina. Cauvier is a professional speaker, business consultant, and the author of 10 business and self-development books, including the international bestselling book, “The ABCs of Making Money.” Codina is the co-founder and CEO of Neurs. He was also one of the founders of a startup backed by a joint venture between Primerica and Citi, and is founder and general partner of NEURS Capital, an early seed investment firm focused on fast-growing technology ventures.

Because access to Neurs is by invitation only, the company takes the entrepreneur connection concept to another level by offering a new, patented affiliate program opportunity for members to generate income simply by referring other members. The affiliate program is 100 percent free and is similar to online affiliate programs used by Fortune 1000 companies.

To receive a Neurs Invite, free membership, and to enroll into the affiliate program, visit - an independent affiliate of Neurs.


### Tech Start-Up Eclipses Facebook and LinkedIn Launches

NEURS is an innovative platform whose ultimate goal is to unite entrepreneurs in a single global community. NEURS boasts a unique blend of key Facebook, LinkedIn, Kickstarter and matchmaking site features, with two patents currently pending. The website opened for Beta testers and Affiliate Marketers January 25th, 2014. The platform will also provide business training to users under the NEURS University portal. will connect people who have a desire to become entrepreneurs to those with the ideas, knowledge, and funding to make their dream come true, all under one platform that is supplemented by a robust educational curriculum. This global by design launch has thus far been incredibly well received by the international business community, encouraged by NEURS’ intent to translate its content to any language represented by more than 100 subscribers. This allows to penetrate the global market at an unprecedented pace: one week after its launch, over 30,000 users from 125 countries have already registered on This is far superior to both Facebook and LinkedIn launch numbers. The full platform will go live in March–April 2014.

Currently, an opportunity is available to get involved early and profit from the success of They are offering people the chance to get in at the ground level of an entrepreneurial revolution that will transform the way business is conducted globally. The platform is, and always will be exclusively invitation-based, invitations which our team is poised to provide. Once registered, one may grow their reach through interested contacts and receive compensation for those who join as a result of their marketing efforts when the site goes live. The full details of the compensation structure will be made public prior to the official launch of the platform in March-April 2014. The time to act is now as the first 120 days of this are fairly critical, one still has time to grow their reach.


Neurs is a one-of-a-kind global web and community for Entrepreneurs from all over the World. Neurs connects entrepreneurs worldwide with targeted business opportunities, business training, connecting with other business service providers who can offer key services and capital that the Entrepreneur needs to launch, build, develop, and build profit.

Neurs is for all Entrepreneurs and anyone who is interested in increased income and profits.

Neurs is currently in beta, and is available by invite only. The official launch of Neurs is projected to occur in April or May 2014.

In the first 2 weeks of beta, Neurs has enrolled about 100,000 people, who have joined and become very excited about the Neurs business opportunity. Neurs has quickly spread across the globe into countries in every part of the World.

The Neurs Affiliate Program is available to anyone who joins Neurs. Simply get an invite to Neurs, join, share, connect, and earn! Neurs Affiliate can earn on up to 30 levels of their reach on the Neurs Network, and be paid for referrals for people who join, from anywhere in the world.

Neurs is not network marketing, MLM, or direct sales. There is no cost to join the Neurs Affiliate Program.

For more information and to get your personal invitation to Neurs, go to or message me to request your invite.

If you want an Invite, I can send you one upon your request.

Hope to see you at Neurs!


For more information, or to get started with Neurs, go to Neurs at



Neurs Affiliate Program – A Tweet or Two on Twitter about Neurs Global Business Opportunity

March 12th, 2014

Neurs is a hot topic on social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other top social media hubs.  Neurs is also causing quite a stir on Twitter.  There are thousands of Neurs tweets every day on Twitter.  Neurs affiliates are using Twitter as a marketing tool, but it’s difficult to provide a detailed explanation of Neurs in only 140 characters.  Go ahead and Google Neurs, look for Neurs Facebook pages, or view the latest Neurs videos on YouTube.  Neurs is really out there and growing fast.  You can browse the Tweets on Twitter listed below to learn more about Neurs affiliate marketing program and business opportunity for entrepreneurs and business providers.

To JOIN NEURS now, go to and complete the Neurs Affiliate Program enrollment form.  It’s free to join Neurs.

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