Neurs Update about the Neurs Affiliate Page, Neurs Invite Page, and New Languages Added.

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Get your Neurs Invite

The Neurs team has been busy preparing for the growth and official launch of the Neurs Affiliate Progarm and business opportunity.  Neurs founders have made numerous improvements and upgrades to the Neurs network over the past few days.  The most significant addition is the introduction of the Neurs Affiliate website that everyone gets for free!

Are people joining Neurs?  Short answer, Yes!  Interest in the Neurs business opportunity is expanding, and the Neurs network is getting exponentially bigger and better in just over a few weeks.  Neurs is one of the hottest topics on many of the top social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube.   

Here is a Neurs review of the latest announcements coming from the Neurs founders.  If you are thinking about joining, or you're looking for information and reading a Neurs review, the information posted below is from an email that came directly from the Neurs team.

Neurs Update and Neurs Review as of February 11, 2014:

Neurs:  The improvements and key announcements.  If you want to join Neurs immediately go here to the Neurs enrollment page, sign up for free today!

NEW NEURS AFFILIATE PAGE: Now every NEURS user can have their own Affiliate Page. To set it up, simply go to settings (right under your name on the top right side) and click on the tab labeled “Affiliate” (you could also click the following link after logging into your account to get to the settings page: Once there, you can choose your own custom name for your affiliate page link. For example, you can choose (just replace sample with whatever you want to name your page – your name or another name).

So what does this page do? Well, it allows you to invite a large number of people to NEURS without having to input their email one at a time or deal with the maximum of 100 emails using the import feature. Simply create your custom page, copy your personal URL and paste it onto a personal email, blog, social media site, or whichever other tool you use to communicate. From there, anyone who clicks your link will be taken to your NEURS affiliate page and will be able to directly signup from there. No need to wait for our emails to arrive (you really never needed to), no more misspelled emails, or any sort of email trouble at all.

Once they register on your page they will receive an email with a link to set their password. Once your guests click that link and set their password, their invitation will be marked as Complete and they will be redirected to their invite page. That’s it! Super simple. We have tried to make the option to play the 2nd video a bit more obvious by placing a LARGE GREEN button that has a video icon on our Invite page. Hope you like this!

Now what’s really cool about this process is how you can track it. When someone goes to your page and registers, you will automatically see them in your invite page with a YELLOW tab that says “Pending-Complete.” All that person has to do now is set their password, login, and their status will turn to GREEN (Complete). How cool is that? Send a link, do a little follow up, and your REACH will grow like wild fire!

LAST SATURDAY’S NEURS TV RECORDING: As you know we are broadcasting live every Saturday. This past Saturday’s video is now in our VIP area. Please note that we are aware of some audio issues with the English broadcast this past Saturday. The audio was mistakenly cut-off for the first 45 seconds, and when it does come on, it’s very low. We apologize for this error, however the content of the video is still very valuable and we assure you that no important information was missed during these seconds. We are making a conscious decision to put content that’s designed for our registered user base in the VIP room and not on the blog where it is available to the public. We believe this is the right thing to do because people have to earn (by accepting their invitation and completing 3 accepted invitations) the right to view this information. Trust us on this, it will help you convert more invitations. So if you’d like to watch this Saturday’s broadcast simply visit the VIP area. It’s jammed with great information!

NEW LANGUAGES: We just updated the site and added Bulgarian, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese (for Brazil) and Norwegian to the platform! We are so proud and thankful of our community of users who helped us accomplish this project. They asked for it, we provided a really cool technology to help make it happen, and they did all the work in less than 3 days! Amazing… more languages will be added this week. By the way, we are aware that some emails are not going out in the right language. Our apologies as we left some of the text out of the files that we translated and we are updating them as quickly as we can.

Now, the videos are still in either English or Spanish but we have said that as soon as a country reaches 1,000 registered users, we will subtitle the videos and we have already begun working on doing just that.

If you would like to help with this and/or you would like to add another language to the platform, please let us know and we will get on it immediately.

THE INVITEE VIEW PAGE & MORE: Today, we have added a new feature to the INVITE page that allows users to click on a COMPLETED (green) or PENDING-COMPLETE (yellow) contact, and it will redirect you to a page where you can see your invitees’ contact info and how their REACH is progressing. Check it out. It’s way cool!

We also added another cool feature that allows you to click on a PENDING user to see their email and/or phone number so that you can do a quick follow up and make sure they accept their invitation. And we have a lot more in store coming soon…so keep checking on our progress!

72 HOURS COUNTDOWN: We heard you loud and clear… 24 hours was not enough to get people registered. So we decided to upgrade the expiration of each invite to 72 hours to give you more time to follow up and get your guests registered. Now, the email your guests receive and every marketing piece we have, or will soon release, will still say they have 24 hours in order to keep the sense of urgency HIGH, but an invitation will not expire until 72 hours has passed.

INTERNET EXPLORER: As you may already know, all issues related to Internet Explorer have been fixed. It is now totally ok to tell your invitees to use any browsers they’d like. We support 95% of browser versions worldwide!

So, you are now in the know of what NEURS is up to… You now have more tools and more access to make your REACH explode… This is the moment to go all out; to do everything you can to position yourself for opening day somewhere between the end of Q1 and beginning of Q2.

The question is, how BIG will your REACH be by then?

The NEURS Team

To get started right now, go to the Neurs website.

Or, fill out our contact form to get more information about joining the Neurs business opportunity.


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